Equipment Finance for Start-ups and Early-Stage Businesses

Accessing equipment finance for a new business can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

Triple 8 Equipment Finance specialises in helping new and early-stage business owners purchase the essential equipment required to get their business off the ground. We provide expert guidance for potential new business owners in the following areas:

✔ Lender credit criteria for new ABN holders
✔ Ideal lender selection based on individual circumstances
✔ Application structuring
✔ Business background and cashflow preparation
✔ Tax effective options - we'll work with your accountant

If for any reason we can't assist you immediately, we'll guide you in the right direction towards achieving your new business loan objectives as soon as possible.

Points to consider...

Your future work source

Do you have a confirmable source of work that will provide you with a regular income? For example, over the past few years you've worked as PAYG driver for a large transport company. You've been offered the opportunity to purchase your own truck and sub-contract to the same business (or a competitor) under your own ABN. As a sub-contractor you are guaranteed a set number of hours per week at a fixed rate per km which allows you to accurately forecast your future income.


You may be required to contribute between 10% and 30% of the purchase price, either in cash, or in certain circumstances, by using other unencumbered assets you own as additional security. Deposit requirements are lower if you're a property owner with sufficient equity, however the lender will generally require you to make an out-of-pocket contribution towards the purchase.

Working capital

As a start-up business, will you have enough cash in the bank (or access to a credit card) to cover your running costs up until you receive your first pay check? The lender will want to know you're able to afford unforeseen expenses (eg. a blown gearbox) in your first few weeks of operation. Depending on your customer payment terms, you may need up to 8 weeks' worth of working capital in reserve to cover your expenses.

Past experience

Do you have relevant industry experience or are you entering a completely new occupation? Although not mandatory, most lenders would prefer you to have at least two years experience in your chosen field in order to increase your chances of building a successful business, however this condition may be relaxed under certain circumstances.

How we assist

Without past trading history to go by, prospective lenders will assess your application based on it's merits and the associated level of risk, which is why it's important to ensure your application presents a strong case for your new venture. We'll ensure your equipment finance application includes all the relevant elements lenders are looking for in order to avoid lengthy processing delays, or worse, your application being rejected.

If for whatever reason you're ineligible to lodge your application immediately, we'll guide you in the right direction towards meeting your purchase objectives as soon as possible.

Start-up business assets financed include trucks, buses, earthmoving equipment and specialised business vehicles

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